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The Industry's First On-Demand Private Cloud: Flex Metal

  • Deploy Your Hosted Private Cloud in 15 Minutes
  • Built-in Security and Governance
  • Scale Up and Down as Needed
  • Total Cost of Ownership that Beats Public Clouds
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Private Cloud Hosting

Flex Metal Cloud provides an open source cloud for system administrators to
cost effectively supply cloud resources to their company or their customers.

How Does Flex Metal Cloud Work?

Flex Metal (Private) Cloud uses OpenStack, an enterprise-grade open-source cloud computing platform, to let users provision full private clouds with all the on-demand scaling and flexibility of public clouds. Plus, you can still have your bare metal servers in your cloud as well for your workloads that do not require virtualization or that need further isolation.

How Do I Start?

HyperConverged Small

HyperConverged Small is best for smaller deployments or test deployments.

HyperConverged Standard

HyperConverged Standard is best for running a larger deployment (20+ physical servers) or for high internal network data transfer needs.

All Flex Metal Clouds start with a minimum of 3 identical servers. The first three servers in a cluster provide the overall management of your deployments and adds Compute and Storage. Deploy a small cluster of 3-4 servers, or up to 50 or 500.

Private Cloud Starter Clusters

Resources Recommended # of VMs and Storage
Flex Metal Pricing
(Daily/30 Day Discounted)
HyperConverged Small
3 Server Cluster
44 VMs
$21.00/day or
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3 Server Cluster
100 VMs
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3 HC Standard +
3 Compute +
3 Storage Blended
560 VMs
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3 HC Standard +
6 Compute +
4 Storage Blended
1020 VMs
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* We recommend running Clouds at around 80% of total capacity. Running at maximum can lead to undesired behavior and is not recommended.

90% of companies are on the cloud.


Cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads in 2021.

Source: Cisco

Hybrid cloud adoption is 58%.


Flex Metal Central Portal Options

  • Manage access to your cloud resources and create self-service access for staff or departments.
  • Configure default virtual machine images and flavors.
  • Add or remove servers from your deployment.
  • View performance, usage, and overall health of your deployments, including configuration alert triggers to popular incidence management systems.
  • Access our Support Team via tickets or configure joint communication systems via a shared Slack channel with your deployment team.
  • Access our Ansible Tutorials for managing servers.

Flex Metal Scale Options

  • Scale Up Compute – To add additional Compute, you simply select a matching server from our pool and add it to your Private Cloud network. From there, you can use command line automation or the Horizon interface to decide how that new server will be used.
  • Scale Down Compute – To remove Compute, you instruct OpenStack to depopulate that Compute Node. Then you use Flex Metal Central or our APIs to remove that server from your Private Cloud network.
  • Scale Up Storage – To add additional Storage, you simply select a matching server from our pool and add it to your Private Cloud network. From there, you will instruct Ceph to extend its cluster to include the new server.
  • Scale Down Storage – To remove Storage, you will instruct Ceph to rebalance all data away from the server in question, then return that server.

Cut Cloud Costs in Half

Total Cost of Ownership that Beats Public Cloud Providers

Flex Metal helps IT leaders navigate complex infrastructure decisions by making cloud more cost effective.

Source: “The Emerging Three-Tier Pricing Model For Private Cloud”

451 Research Cost Summary:
Private clouds owned and self-managed by enterprises can be cheaper than public cloud. The magic number to beat is about $25 per VM-month at 100% utilization. If the cost of the whole stack comes in under this number, then even with the addition of labor to manage that private cloud, it should be cheaper than public cloud.

Flex Metal is a Clear Winner

Mid-Size deployments can reduce costs down to $10 per VM-month.

Obviously, with better labor efficiency, unit costs versus public cloud are lowered further, and the relative value of benefits increases.

Enterprises unable to achieve a labor efficiency of 300 VMs per engineer are unlikely to beat public cloud on price.

Flex Metal is a Clear Winner

Scale up to 800 VMs per engineer with large Flex Metal deployments.

Power Your Enterprise

Ready to explore our Flex Metal Cloud Enterprise solution? Apply for the beta program today! Qualifying businesses may be eligible to save between $2,000/mo to $20,000/mo for up to 6 months.

Enterprise and Data Center Operation Options

Our Private Clouds can also be deployed in your data center. On-demand scaling is supported with restrictions based on logistics and distance from our hardware depots. Minimum footprints apply.

You want to run a cloud cluster in your data center.

Keep your capital expenses down and protect yourself from scale issues. Work with our team to size your cloud. We’ll even run your cloud if you wish.

You currently run a data center/colocation
and want to offer cloud to customers.

Explore new ways to fill your data center. Sell public cloud offerings like VMs and Storage, or complete racks as private clouds. Open new revenue streams fast and with low capital out.

Power Your Enterprise with Flex Metal

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